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EP188: Benefits of A Fractional CFO ft. Josh Belk

By Tom OlsonMay 31, 2019

The topic of a “Fractional CFO” has been tossed around quite a big in the business world, but very few people know what it is and how it can benefit their business. We bring on Good Success Mastermind Member and accountant extraordinaire, Josh Belk to give us insight on what a Fractional CFO can do!

EP188: Benefits of A Fractional CFO ft. Josh Belk

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Good Success Mastermind 


Community Go Giver event https://www.eventbrite.com/e/community-go-giver-event-tickets-50004330298



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Show Notes

[04:50] What do you think about the Mastermind.

[09:00] Tom Olson tells about the August mastermind(August 5-9).

[11:15] Community Go Giver event (June 26-28)

[13:06] What does Josh Belk do?

[15:10] Is there anything that the people should be aware of the 2019 tax season.

[17:03] What is Fractional CFO?

[28:57] Who needs a Fractional CFO?

[31:36] What are you seeing as people’s biggest mistakes or opportunities?

[34:51] What’s the difference between a statement of cash and budget?

[40:23] Where are people’s biggest weaknesses, financially tracking?

[50:26] What are the biggest opportunities that people aren’t taking advantage of?

[54:44] What does good, success mean to you?

[56:27] If you could leave the audience with one thing what would it be?


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