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EP180: From Purchase to Profits ft. Seth Ferguson

By Tom OlsonApril 26, 2019


Seth is an investor out of Toronto and has a podcast called “Purchase to Profits” that is a daily show interviewing real estate investors and picking their brains about all things real estate investing.


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EP180: From Purchase to Profits ft. Seth Ferguson


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Sharper Business Solutions


Good Success Mastermind


Community Go-Giver



Seth Furguson.org


Show Notes


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[11:30] Who is Seth Furguson?

[13:10] Seth Furguson talks about his books.

[14:36] Tom and Seth talk about single and multi family homes.

[20:40] What are some tips you can give to those who are thinking on getting into multi family homes?

[24:14] What was your transition from broker to investor like?

[26:20] What is the market in Toronto like and what kind of cash flow does it bring?

[28:21] Do you only invest single family homes in Toronto?

[28:39] Do you only do multi family homes in Toronto?

[32:08] How do you make investing in Houston work?

[33:46] What are some opportunities good or bad for relationships?

[37:22] What is one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from interviewing different people?

[40:18] Josh, Tom ,and Seth talk about opportunities and risks.

[46:56] What does good Success mean to you?

[47:58] If you could leave the audience with one thing what would it be?


“You have to know what you want and work back from that.”- Seth Furguson

“It is a bigger risk not to build a portfolio than to build a portfolio.”- Seth Furguson


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