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EP155: Creating Loyal Customers ft. Max Keller

By Tom OlsonJanuary 22, 2019

Creating a loyal customer base is a code that every business must crack. Max Keller has found a great piece that creates incredible loyalty with his clients because of the sheer fact of giving them high value. Author of the recently published book, “Home to Home,” Max wrote this book specifically to fill a need in the senior housing education space. By doing this, Max has created huge loyalty with his customers. Listen in as Max explains the concept of bringing value to your customers.

EP155: Creating Loyal Customers ft. Max Keller


Mentioned Resources


Home to Home book

Max keller.com



Show notes


[13:30] Who is Max Keller and what does he do?

[31:33] What is Max’s book about? 

[37:33] Two key things on how to create loyal customers. 

[45:08] Advice from Max.    

[49:08] What is a legacy guide? 

[52:50] How has Max been able to connect to his customers? 

[61:05] What is good success to Max? 

[62:30] Max leaves one last piece of advice.


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