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Know Your Numbers

How much money are you losing because you don’t know your numbers?

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a mastermind but weren’t sure if you should make the investment? We have put together the perfect event for you. Our “Know Your Numbers” event is a one day boot camp the day before our next Mastermind meeting.

For $500 you will get the bootcamp PLUS the three day Mastermind…4 days all included for $500!

Sign up now! Our Know Your Numbers event is coming up soon!








Have questions about our Know Your Numbers boot camp? We’ve got answers! (219) 712-7957

Featured Speakers

Tom Olson

Tom Olson

Founder of Good Success

At Good Success, our founder, Tom Olson, understands how this can happen. In fact, he also found himself extremely successful and yet, still feeling unfulfilled. When he realized that fulfillment could only come when he truly acknowledged what he had been given when he received stewardship of his own success, Good Success was born.

Josh Belk

Josh Belk

Owner of Belk & Associates LLC

Josh Belk and his firm, Belk & Associates LLC has been specializing in #TaxConsultation, planning and preparation, business consultation and structure, and #FractionalCFO services since 1998. Josh’s podcast, #BelkonBusiness, is one method he uses to bring value in providing some of what he’s learned in business to business owners and entrepreneurs.

Gary Harper

Gary Harper

Founder of Sharper Process Solutions

Gary will dive right into your business, pull apart unneeded work, wasted time, and pick apart things that you don’t have time for. While Gary and Sharper Business Solutions takes your business systems and process management to another level, you can work on the business and take things even further than you thought you could.

Dave Richter

Dave Richter

Founder of Simple CFO Solutions

David is a Profit First Professional helping to eliminate entrepreneurial poverty. He has been a real estate investor for 6 years with his own rental properties and has been a part of companies that have done over 300 deals in a year. He is on a mission to help entrepreneurs know their numbers and be more profitable.

Know Your Numbers is coming up soon

Join us on November 12th at 2701 W. 45th St. Gary, IN 46408.

Trust us. You don’t want to miss out on this business opportunity! Call now to learn more! (219) 712-7957

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